Corn Ring Extrude Machine

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Machine Type Automatic, Semi-Automatic

Staying informed concerning current business sector advancement, we are putting forth a wide combination of Corn Ring Extrude Machine.

  • Material to be Extruded: Puff Noodle Kurkure
  • Output: 50-100 kg/hr 100-200 kg/hr 200-300 kg/hr 300-350 kg/hr
  • Machine Power (kW): 0-40 40-80
  • Main Motor: 25/30/40/60 HP 3 phase AC
  • Feeder Motor: 1HP 3 Phase with AC Drive
  • Cutter Motor: 1HP 3 Phase with AC Drive
  • Capacity: 70/120/200/400 Kgs per Hour
  • Shapes: Depends upon Dies- Cheese Ball, Ring, Curl, Finger, Star, Pipe, Murmure
  • Main Frame: Mild Steel/ Stainless Steal(304)